About Us

SereniTea headquarters are located in the City of Rancho Cucamonga California, supplying some of the largest specialty food distributors and retail grocery chains across the United States.  Its workplace includes an all organic warehouse and sustainable executive offices.  SereniTea is growing at a rapid rate and continues to expand  distribution to the largest grocery store chains who hold top market share in the United States.  SereniTea launched its products in January 2008 with one of the largest independent grocery chain in Southern California marking its product as the first of its kind; gourmet liquid organic green tea in single serving packets.

SereniTea is considered a niche product and holds true to its value providing our consumers with the highest quality of tea extracted from natural loose organic tea leaves while preserving the essential nutrients that give SereniTea it’s distinct flavor.

SereniTea is organically grown free from pesticides in the pristine Wuyi Rock Mountains of China, the Natural Reserve area where the flavor of tea is dramatically affected by climate, soil conditions and the care used in its processing.The Wuyi Mountains is in Fujian province of China.  Mt. Wu-Yi is one of  the most popular mountains in the Wuyi mountain region which in total covers an area of  approximately 70 square kilometers. This pristine area has the perfect climate for tea cultivation and is known to produce some of the most pristine organic tea due to height of the farms in the region.

Americans are increasingly becoming more health conscious with their drink choices and retailers are beginning to offer healthier alternatives now.  SereniTea offers consumers a liquid organic green tea that provides quality, convenience, and great taste as well as a healthy alternative.  SereniTea contains zero carbs, zero calories and requires no brewing or steeping of tea.  SereniTea is available in eight delicious presweetened and unsweetened flavors and packs double the amount of antioxidants found in a single steeped bag of tea.  SereniTea is poised to take advantage of the rapid growth in the bottled water, bottled tea, and all natural food chains as well as establishing the new tea “environment” in the United States.